The American Association of Disabled Dentists is an organization that seeks to provide support and guidance to dentists suffering from a disability. We understand disability survivorship is anything but linear, it’s a process that involves three steps forward, a flashback or two, and then a leap ahead. Our goal is formation of a national disability support group with regional/state components to assist dentist/surgeons who encounter disabling accidents/illnesses. We have found peer support to be a critical factor in the successful rehabilitation of disabled dentists.  This is the strongest support available from a professional standpoint and will team up newly disabled dentists with those who have faced disability in the past.

PLEASE SEE OUR POSTING   “Recommended Steps to take once Disability Strikes”.STEPS TO TAKE ONCE DISABILITY STRIKES

Many of you may be here because you have questions and are looking for answers.  If you have a question or a request that you would like answered from our members, please send an e-mail to ronjmarsh@gmail.com or post a question on our website.  We will do our best  to promptly answer your question/requests by contacting our members for timely input/responses.  We will include your contact information if you give us permission to distribute it to our members along with your requests.We have found that this is effective way to help those who encounter disability.  Please make sure you indicate it would be fine to share your message with our members.

Join the American Association of Disabled Dentists for free to receive community support and guidance in various areas such as disability insurance and personal support. Membership is free.

If you are a dentist who is disabled and is willing to share your story and experiences, please submit your story to us.  In addition, if you would like to volunteer  as a DSD  (Disability Support Dentist) to  assist in helping other disabled dentists please contact us and we will include you as a volunteer support team member.  Please use the contact information that follows.




Ronald J. Marsh DDS

President, AADD




Greg Ogata DDS

Vice President, AADD