Disability Insurance

We will continually update you on changes in the insurance industry.

From our experience, many dentists are woefully uninsured.  ADA statistics reveal that 20% of dentists have no disability insurance.  It is always better to be overinsured than underinsured.

SEE OUR POST DATED June 11th, 2016 for HOW TO FILE A DISABILITY CLAIM  How do I make a Disability Claim?– Follow the ten steps outlined in the posting to file a claim in an efficient and effective manner.

CALL YOUR DISABILITY COMPANY AND MAKE A FULL REPORT TO START THE CLAIM PROCESS.  Consultation with an attorney  prior to that call is at your discretion.  www.diattorney.com   Review the attached video for ideas.

Purchase as many options and riders as possible before your injury or accident. See our posting on the best disability insurance. DENTAL DISABILITY INSURANCE, WHAT’S BEST?

If you have information to share about your experiences with Disability Insurance Companies please e-mail us  and help others who are faced with this sometime challenging ordeal.  Thank you so much.