TED Talk Update

We had a great time in Chicago recently. We had the opportunity to meet with the executive director of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and his administrative staff. At this time they are reviewing the implementation of a comprehensive Disability Policy based on our recommendations. We have been in direct contact with the current and past AAOMS presidents who view this issue very seriously and are taking action to ensure a program is started promptly. This is one of our initial steps in making a detailed presentation to the American Dental Association this winter. Our overall goal will be a nationwide effective Disability program for dentists who become disabled either short or long term. We have submitted articles to be published in AAOMS Today and are waiting for approval.

Our TED presentation in Cincinnati, Ohio after the OMSNIC presentation to a regional dental meeting went very well. This presentation is currently scheduled to be given in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle over the coming year.  The theme of each talk is efficient management of the challenges that Disability presents.

We had the chance to present to the OMS National Insurance Company and met with members of the board of directors in Rosemont, Illinois.  They are currently reviewing our detailed recommendations dealing with Risk Management and Disability issues for their membership. This may be followed by specific articles by our team in their newsletter.

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