When you are running your practice in this social media driven society, networking is a critical skill to integrate into the management and marketing plan for your practice.  Just because you are disabled doesn’t decrease the need for you to make personal contacts in an organized manner. We believe that the time tested and effective effort that you personally use to contact others is the way to achieve the best results.  Your efforts to develop or reestablish personal friendship with others is a key component to recovering from the psychological injury that accompanies all disabling injuries and illnesses. During your career you became very skilled at speaking with patients/other people, use this skill to your advantage and just talk with your peers and you will be surprised at the result.

Your initial contact with others may be speeded up by social media and the internet, but your persistence in directly contacting others is very important. As we have noted, interacting with others in similar situations is very beneficial. Just as cancer survivors benefit from their support groups, disabled dentists benefit from interacting with other dentists. Especially those who are survivors of their own disability or who have close friends who also have experienced  a severe illness or accident.

Make an effort to seek out other dentists.  Even if you only talk about the weather, you will have so much in common with them.  We as dentists are truly a “band of brothers”. The trials and challenges of our careers are the same and we really can relate to one another. If you don’t have knowledge of other dentists directly consider calling your local/stare dental societies. Don’t forget your fellow students in dental school. You may be years away from your training, but the relationships you established during those years are remarkably strong. You have the option of directly contacting our organization and we will promptly respond to your request. No topic is too unimportant, and just speaking to someone is so beneficial.

We are always amazed at how generous the dental community is everyday. Whether it is helping the poor, treating the disadvantaged, or volunteering time to help with organized dentistry ; we as dentists are involved in a very compassionate profession.  Remember, your help will be needed in the future. We are sure that when you recover to some degree, you will feel that inner desire to help others again.  This may start small, but has significant potential. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself counseling another disabled dentist or dental spouse in the future.

Networking is defined as interaction with others in an organized fashion. Look around and you will see the opportunities that make themselves available over time. No one get through a disabling accident/illness on their own. You don’t need luck,  you already have the inner strength to defeat this dragon.  See our posting on the ten steps to survive disability for sound, logical ideas.TEN STEPS TO SURVIVE DISABILITY You are never really alone, seek out others and survive.




  1. […] Start listing goals and be realistic on your expectations. Dentists frequently migrate to fields directly related to health care. Whether you choose to volunteer , teach, or work in a consultant capacity; all are frequently tied to dentistry.  Use your past experience to guide your decisions. “YOU ARE WHO YOU WERE”.   A famous quote that defines the road traveled later in life.  Now is the time to do what you always dreamed of!  Don’t expect to be happy if returning to a working life is just a way to keep from being bored.  See our posting on NETWORKING for dentists for ideas on how to get started. NETWORKING FOR DENTISTS […]


  2. […] Don’t feel like you have to just jump in and sink or swim.  Transition can be done in stages and or done with trial efforts.  This is a vital component of your research.   Don’t expect to be successful without detailed planning.   Easing into a new field or new environment may be both a conservative approach and the smart approach to survival. This type of planning cannot be done in your head.  Write it down.  Make lists, make contacts, review the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Networking with your peers and colleagues is a vital component to success.  Get a LinkIn account NOW.  See our posting on networking for details.NETWORKING FOR DENTISTS […]


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