We have always been proud of the United States policy of “No One Left Behind”.  We believe that this policy refers to our dental family just as strongly.  We have an obligation to help other dentists and their spouses when a disabling accident or illness occurs. It doesn’t matter whether you have cancer or just had a severe car accident, the stress and emotional toll are the same. We need to be prepared to help others. If you are a recovering disabled dentist don’t say you can’t help out. Quite the contrary, you are probably the finest support another dentist can receive.

You have a responsibility. Whether you are disabled now or just are concerned that you could be disabled in the future. Our profession has integrity. We are ready to come to the aid of others in the most desperate of times. Remember the famous quote,  ” When things are their best, people tend to be at their worst,  When things are at their worst, people tend to be at their best”. PLAN TO BE AT YOUR BEST. We have the skills and only lack the desire to make incredible improvement in the lives of thousands of disabled dentists across this country.

How can you help?  Being a dentist and healthcare professional is a lifelong commitment. Make the conscious decision to help. If you know of another dentist who is facing a crisis, give them a call and offer support. You will be surprised how quickly they respond. Use your own personal experiences to gain strength. Even if you only talk about the weather, at least you are getting your friend to talk.

We are early in our quest to take disability protocols to all 50 states and nationally with the ADA.  Refer to our website if it helps and call the ADA/your state and request that they implement detailed disability plans. These plans can supplement existing protocols and expand them to include detailed recommendations. They also could include formation of rotating dental disability support groups to pair up disabled dentists with other dentists who may also be disabled.

We will continue to encourage one another in our lifetime journey of professionalism. You have strong core values, and keeping the benefit of others first and foremost is the pinnacle of dedication to dentistry. Please consider contacting us if you would like to join a regional dental support group. In addition, you are always encouraged to refer disabled dentists to us personally to have questions answered. Take heart, WE WILL LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND and that includes you and your spouse.



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