When facing your dental disability Mount Everest, sit back and eventually smile. Yes, everything may look hopeless, but look for the irony or humor in your situation. HUMOR HEALS  It may seem futile or a  just a waste of time, therefore look for hope and at the same time look for reality. Understand that there are some things you cannot do. You cannot fly without a plane. You cannot cure cancer with positive thinking.  You cannot mend a broken back with an aspirin.

Laugh back at your situation. Yes, you may be screwed, but you survived. You are alive and reading this article. Smile and look at the alternative. In the midst of disaster, look at what didn’t happen not what did happen. Realize that there is going to be some things that are totally out of your control.  Concentrate on those things that you can do, not what you cannot do.

Comedy works for a reason. As humans we respond to events that seem totally ridiculous with laughter. We share common experiences, and remember;  I’ve done that before or I’ve been there before.  We understand the futility in some situations and know that eventually they work out for the best.  What is the best?  Again that’s out of your control, and you decide how to respond to any given situation. You may be in dire straits, but your response to the events are in your control.

Always look for the humor in a situation. It will help put you in proper perspective. It’s too easy to sink into depression and the antidote to depression is humor. By no means do we expect that you will laugh in the face of disaster. Life is not a movie. By getting the proper perspective you can eventually see where you are. In battle gaining a good view of the battlefield is crucial. Only by taking time and seeing where you are, will you eventually determine what to do next. Then you can laugh at the situation.

Do we mean that getting sick or injured is funny? No, we mean that siting back and being human is ok. We smile when someone farts. Humor is a part of being human. Tragedy robs us of that part of humanity. Don’t let your situation steal humor away from you. It is an integral part of survival. You may think that you will never smile again, but realizing that it is ok is a start. IT WILL NOT BE EASY. After that first good laugh you will know what we mean. Recovery is a journey not a destination. Take little steps at first,  and your first trip to a comedy club is a start.

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