A hunch is not a hunch, it is your experience as a dentist telling you the right path to follow.  Sometimes you have to make decisions as dentist with little time to work with. Healthcare as a dentist is both a science and an art. Our years of training and personal practice experience,  give us a great resource to draw upon when faced with difficult decisions. We are artists because of our creativity and willingness to improvise.  Our ability to adapt in situations of adversity is one of our greatest strengths.  It must not and cannot be overlooked when we are facing a disabling illness or injury.

If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t. THIS ISN’T YOUR FIRST RODEO.   You have been there before and can solve your battle with disability.  First, lets start with being proactive.  Don’t ignore your overall health. If you feel bad or just know that something is wrong, have it checked out.  Doctors are their own worst patients.  Don’t try to diagnose yourself.  You can use your extensive background in healthcare to seek out the right physicians, but you cannot treat or diagnose yourself.  You will probably pick the top-tier of physicians and be treated at the best hospitals because of your knowledge.  You deserve nothing less,  and we are confident you will seek out second opinions and diligently research your treatment options.

Almost all medical conditions have a  better outcome if diagnosed and treated early. Medical illnesses account for 90% of the reasons for disability. If you follow your gut feeling when you know something isn’t quite right, your survival rate is immensely increased.  Take a look at this TED talk on the topic for ideas or inspiration.

You are you own best advocate and you may look to others for motivation. In the long run, motivation is ultimately internal. You must make the tough decisions, unless you are dead. You can and must seek out your peers for help. No one gets through life alive, but your survival is as group effort.  No one can make you feel inferior or worthless without your permission.  With your approval, you friends can carry you across the finish line of survival. Make no mistake, we are taking about survival here. Whether you have cancer, a heart attack, or laying in an ICU after a car accident, survival is the question.  We have found that peer support is just about the strongest medicine available to fight disability. Seek out your peers and dental friends, don’t turn them away.  They are your key to survival.

As dentists we are used to functioning independently. We rarely work together as teams on a patient and are well accustomed to being alone with just our dental assistants. When faced with a disabling accident or illness, we may feel alone but we aren’t.  With the full support of our spouse, family, staff, and friends/peers we have a winning team put together even before we begin to fight back. Use you intuition/gut feeling to lead you to survival/success. No one can help you without your permission.  Once you give the ok, you will have a huge support network in place the will essential ensure a good result.      FOLLOW THAT HUNCH AND MAKE SMART DECISIONS THAT LEAD TO SURVIVAL.




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