We hope you will be attending the ADA meeting in Denver next week. For those of you that will be delegates, PLEASE look for our legislative proposal from the 11th district. We are asking the ADA to update their website with information from our team. This will go a long way in establishment of an effective national disability protocol.  Please vote in favor and demand that action be taken in 2016. Any delay will only hurt the dentists who become disabled this next year. Conservative estimates range from 1000-2000 in 2017.

By giving ill or injured dentists valuable suggestions on disability, we hope to alleviate anxiety and stress.  This will prevent the subsequent poor decisions that many dentists make following severe accidents and illnesses.  This bill will also establish regional teams of disability support dentists  (DSD) to help others. This rotating list will be dynamic and very helpful to stressed dentists.  We also are requesting assignment of an ADA staff member to the Disability program. This part time position will allow one on one help and prevent the ever dreaded answer  “we don’t do that, call your doctor”. THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE.

Have a great time if you go. In the meantime, please let any dentists you know that are ill or injured that we are there to help. Consider bring up the issue at you next local or state dental meeting. We need to put disability issues on the fast track for care of us all.




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