We are currently working with the ADA on development of a comprehensive disability program that quickly helps disabled dentists.  This plan should augment the existing subsection on disability on their website. Currently when you search the ADA site you will be directed to a brief three page summary of options. Although this information is valid and helpful,  it is far from the detail that a disabled dentists/spouse really need. We will be working closely with the ADA to change the content to reflect detailed information to act on and make good smart decisions in the face of disability.  In addition,  we will strongly recommend formation of dental support teams made up of disabled dentist who volunteer to help other dentists. They will placed in immediate contact with newly disabled dentists and their spouses.

We will be presenting legislation to the ADA House of Delegates in October in Colorado detailing our proposed recommendations.  We realize this may take several years but will continue to push our agenda to help our disabled peers. Please contact the ADA and your state dental associations about implementation of these plans.  Individual state plans are also important. We will publish drafts of our proposals in the coming weeks for your use.  Feel free to make changes and forward them to your state’s executive directors. If you are involved in organized dentistry, we hope you will help your fellow dentists. Odds are that you may be the one needing assistance at some point.

This is going to work, all we need is your help.  Feel free to contact our team at any time if you have questions or suggestions.


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