If you are newly disabled, please refer to the emergency information section of this website. Please check our recommendations RECOMMENDED STEPS TO TAKE ONCE DISABILITY STRIKES and you will be off to a good start. When you get the chance, consider helping other dentists and their families in your state.  If you find that the information/help that is available locally is inadequate; please consider use of our attached proposal for ADA legislation as a template to enact similar legislation in your state.

DISABILTY Legistlation ADA

Each state and regional of the country is different, and what you need may be different that what someone else needs in another part of the country. Some states have set aside funds to help dentists who are in need when faced with a disability. Many local dental societies have in place mutual-aid agreements that you can use. Don’t hesitate to contact your local or State Dental Association. If you are a specialists or belong to a general dentists society, they also may have resources available to use if you become disabled. Of course, consider checking out the ADA website. You will currently find it somewhat beneficial and we are definitely working on improving it.

The fate of our dental peers rest in our hands. When you finally reach the point that you are ready to act, reach out and help the other guys. You are not alone. There are thousands of dentist who face disability every year. We know there are over 200,000 dentists in the United States alone. If 25% of them become disabled, we are looking at over 50,000 over the next 25 or so years.  This is a huge number. It is sad, but reality. Take the ball and run. We need help in all 50 states. This issue is being presented to the ADA. It will take time and alot of effort. Please consider starting small in your community and state.  Feel free to use the information on this website to get you started.

We know your have to survive your own disability first, but you will be amazed how great you will feel help others. We had a volunteer last week in a wheelchair who had severe Parkinson’s disease who wanted to help!  He had guts. What a fine example that everything our profession represents. We truly are a band of brothers and will fight to help each other to the end.

band of brothers



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