Not every disability claim goes as smoothly as the dental disability companies advertise in their sales promotions.  Hopefully you have purchased an excellent policy, but understand your disability company is a business. Profit and what is best for the company are the first priority.  You are a customer only and they will only honor what is in writing in your contract. Nothing implied by salesmen or promoted in their sales pitch is legally binding.  Rest assured the law is on your side and your honest representation of your disability is your best defense.   Hopefully you will never need attorney such as we present in this video, but they are needed at times.

Don’t panic at the big bad wolf insurance company. There are for the most part honest and well meaning.  Use the knowledge of how they work to protect your family and yourself. Your entire experience in the field of disability insurance will be much smoother IF you plan carefully.  This planning  is risky not only when you purchase a policy, but very important when considering a claim. MAKE GOOD DECISIONS AND BE PREPARED FOR THE POTENTIAL CHALLENGES TO CLAIMS MADE IN GOOD FAITH.




  1. […] If you have a claim involving a psychiatric illness or orthopedic injury strongly consider legal assistance. They are challenged by the insurance industry more frequently. Research disability insurance on the net and remember everyone has a motive. You need to document your condition well and be prepared for problems.  See our posting on how to file a disability claim posted on June 11th 2016,  and DENTAL DISABILITY CLAIMS ISSUES. […]


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