The process of applying for disability benefits is complex and many times confusing. Professional legal help is not alway needed, but is often advisable. Use your own best judgement. Remember what you do now will echo in eternity. The decision on when and how to file a claim are up to you, do your homework and research your options.  Review this video and use it to help you make good decisions.  No firm or single attorney has all the answers, so get as much information as you can now. You may be fine submitting your own claim, maybe not.

If you have a claim involving a psychiatric illness or orthopedic injury strongly consider legal assistance. They are challenged by the insurance industry more frequently. Research disability insurance on the net and remember everyone has a motive. You need to document your condition well and be prepared for problems.  See our posting on how to file a disability claim posted on June 11th 2016,  and DENTAL DISABILITY CLAIMS ISSUES.






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