We strongly encourage you to look into the field of TED TALKS.  AIMEE MULLINS  has no feet and gives a great TED talk on adversity.   Many of these short presentations on a tremendous variety of topics have a direct impact on those of us who are facing disability. By learning from others’ adversity we can strengthen our own response to disabling illnesses and accidents. As dentists we research new advances in our field of health care continuously to stay current.   Understanding their view of disability GIVES US NEW PERSPECTIVE ON OUR OWN SITUATION. We will post the most disability relevant videos from our standpoint, feel free to research TED TALKS  in detail on your own. You will be surprise how effective they can be, and how relevant they are to disability.  Check out this video for another view on your disability.

Consider giving your own TED talk. These brief 10-15 minute presentations are powerful and helpful to millions.  Not generally known by the public, they are slowly becoming a strong force in the fields of health care and medicine.  You have a story to tell;  when you are ready, share your story of survival and help someone else.  Continue to move forward and look for the opportunity that your disabling accident or illness has given to you. REMEMBER, BAD THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU NOT TO YOU.


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