These are the emergency steps to take should you or a friend become severely ill or injured, as dentists we can take active roles in our own survival.

American Association of Disabled Dentists

Whether you have the been in an accident or have been diagnosed with an illness, please personally review our recommendations.  You do have option as a dentist, and we will  present this checklist to get you started.   Involve your spouse in this process. Possibly, they may be the one reading this.  By no means do we believe these actions are complete, but reflect our personal experiences. We understand that each individual’s circumstances are different. In addition , we understand the whole process is dynamic and changing over time.

Step One:

STOP, take a deep breath. You do have some time to work with. Dental practices are a living entity, but they can function without a dentist for a time. Routine vacations last for 7-14 days and that period of time gives you a baseline to work with.  Your patient’s will understand and your staff is well-trained.

Step Two:

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