Make good decisions before you file disability claim. These steps will prevent irreversible financial and personal tragedy.

American Association of Disabled Dentists

Disability Insurance is like the ejection seat on a fighter plane, it had better work or you are toast. Disability Insurance is one of the most important investments you will ever make as a dentist. Although the need is not immediately realized, the security and peace of mind that it brings is invaluable. Hopefully you have already purchased a good policy. In the meantime look to our posting on the ten steps to take if you are severely injured or ill. TEN STEPS TO SURVIVE DISABILITY

You are now faced with a disabling illness  or accident with the prospect of not being able to work and receive an income to support your family.  OF COURSE, this is why you purchased your policy to begin with. You never thought it would be needed, but now you need it more than ever.  Don’t worry, everything will work out fine; but you need…

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