Drawing on your experience in dental practice, a career as a dental monitor is now a new option for those who cannot practice clinical dentistry for medical or personal reasons. Dental monitors work in conjunction with state dental boards and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with agreed orders and disciplinary sanctions that are imposed on dental professionals.

Dental monitoring firms are company’s that provide independent integrity monitoring in healthcare. The vast majority of states utilize the services of dental monitoring firms involving healthcare practices, surgical centers, labs, hospitals, and individual practitioners. Monitoring is based on existing federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Monitors recommend improvements and share best practices to enhance pubic protection and address areas of concern. Monitors provide practitioners with the information and guidance needed to achieve and demonstrate sustained compliance. This is achieved by the submission of detailed reports to the noted regulatory agency on a regular basis as long as the order is in effect and valid. Monitors can complete their review in-person or remotely depending on the order requirements.

Monitors are needed in all aspects of dental care to include specialties. Monitors are paid on a case by case basis with the respondent under sanction required to pay the supervising organization in the range of $300-500 per hour. Compensation to the monitor is attained from the fees paid to the monitoring organization/firm. This can develop into a significant cost to a dentist under sanction (respondent), and the monitor is independent from the financial aspect of each case beyond the compensation provided by the monitoring organization.

Providing experience dentists who are willing to provide objective third-party review of dentists under sanction is critical. This frees dental boards and regulatory agencies from the task of ensuring that monitored treatment and protocols are with the standard of care. Monitors assess the clinical, operational, and practice function of dentists they observe/review. Monitors must be trusted and have the utmost in integrity. Drawing on years of experience, dentists who are interested in this field will be required to utilize their clinical knowledge, reasoning, and ethical standards to adequately evaluate other dentists under compliance sanctions.

Monitors evaluate record-keeping practices, billing activities, reasoning and application, ethical boundaries, clinical practice/knowledge , and compliance with state and federal laws. Regulatory agencies receive comprehensive written reports by the monitor. Providers/Respondents can continue to practice while remediating areas of concern. Specialty specific flexible oversight is tailored to the need of each practitioner. Locally-based monitors often provide recommendations that reflect community expectations. Evidence-based practices are shared to facilitate sustained improvements.

There are several firms providing these services nation-wide. Opportunities to advance to the executive supervisor level of compensation vs. the individual monitor paid on an hourly basis depend on the firm and experience as a monitor. At this time, AMI (Affiliated Monitors, Inc.) is a reputable firm based out of Boston who we recommend as a viable option when seeking employment. They utilize monitors in 42 states. There are others and please research additional opportunities.


Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

P.O. Box 96179

Boston, MA 02196



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