The TeleDentists

Since the start of COV-19, the integration of tele-dentistry into everyday dental practice has hit warp-speed. It first started with use use of online registration coupled with a limited practice information format. Every modern practice now uses a functional website for practice marketing. The rapid use of social media and the effects on society as a whole, has profoundly impacted dental practice.

The business community and dental marketing firms have responded with numerous electronic tools and software that can enhance dental practices nationwide. The ADA has even gone as far as ensuring billing codes are now readily available for those practices electing to use tele-dentistry as an income producing platform.

From a disabled dentist standpoint, tele-dentistry offers a new and exciting alternative to conventional dental practice. For those too ill or injured to practice clinically, maintaining a sense of self-worth and value by utilizing years of dental education is critical. Tele-dentistry offers a sound career alternative. Firms are incorporating nationwide and seeking qualified dentists to act as paid consultants. A reasonable online search will be a start. Our review identified THE as a reputable and recommended company to trust in your search for a position. See the Article below……………….


Telehealth is actually the fastest growing setting for alternative care. Better than urgent care clinics, retail centers, and ambulatory surgical centers. Now’s a perfect time to get involved with The TeleDentists. Our company is ready to provide cash for consults. Imagine seeing patients from the comfort of your own home via HIPPA and telemedicine compliant videoconferencing. Check out our – to learn more about us. If interested, use the “Contact” button at the bottom of the first screen. We’ll get in touch with more information on this opportunity. It’s easy to get started. If you have a dental license and some computer equipment you can add TeleDentistry to your skillset. It’s really as easy as that and our visual technology makes it convenient for you to see patients and provide the much needed service they require. We’ll go over everything you need to know and get you seeing patients virtually in no time. Patients are ready. Are you? We’re here to help!

Please take advantage of this solid opportunity for practice transition. We have lost track of the large number of dentists seeking new opportunities that will provide an income when they have been injured or are ill. This field could also be valuable as temporary endeavor while recovering, before you return to clinical practice. In addition, for those still in practice; initiating a tele-dentist option in your website is highly desirable in todays very competitive market. This option can be live or asynchronous and integrate with your current website. Your IT provider will guide you through the steps to go on-line.

For those too ill to injured too bad, Tele-dentistry is a life-line that cannot be ignored. It will make the difference in many lives. We cannot make a higher recommendation to seriously consider it as a viable transition option. Get started today!

We are dentists supporting the injured/sick dentists. WE CARE AND CAN HELP!

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