In your search for alternative careers after a disabling illness or injury, don’t overlook the capabilities you have now. As a small business owner or supervisor in a dental practice, you have already gained skills that are in demand in many fields. Your ability to manage employees, develop a business budget, purchase necessary supplies, and market your practice are respected in the working world. These skills are valuable and can be used to your advantage. By no means are they gained through lack of effort and you have earned the introductory credentials into the business world.

Transitioning into an alternative or encore career will not be easy and your efforts will be rewarded if you are focused and determined. We have previously strongly encouraged dentists to seek out positions in education and consulting. A great way to set you up for success in both these fields is obtaining a Masters in Business Administration. Getting that degree can open many doors, but will require initiative and creativity. The degree can help you break into highly competitive fields and give you the edge you need to transition with success. A full time MBA program typically lasts two years, although there are some accelerated programs that last a single year. Part-time programs vary in length and are designed for working professionals. MBA applications may include standardized test scores, resumes, academic transcripts, essays, and letters of recommendation. Annual tuition ranges from over $70,000 per year in a top-ranked school to $20,000 in a low tier part-time program.

‘Clearly understand there are different rankings for MBA schools. Top tier schools give you the best chance for a superior post-school job, whereas lower tier schools will require you to compromise. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance with a B-school. MBA’s build your resume and show your desire for career progression, They demonstrate your determination to take on more professional responsibility. You may be required to take the GMAT or GRE and submit to a ZOOM interview. Your impressive work experience as a dentist and team leader will definitely meet the requirement that you have significant prior business work experience.

An MBA program is a time consuming educational endeavor that can accelerate your progress in career switching. MBA programs increase your leadership skills and groom future upper management executives. You will likely have the option to specialize or concentrate in areas specific to the prospective fields you are interested in. It will be important to determine your general career goals before you start an MBA program. An MBA will develop the skills required to excel as a business executive and will enable you too quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of information. You will be able to provide smart solutions to your new employer. You will increase your skills in inspiring and motivating your people while simultaneously commanding respect. These skills are vital to employers that demand teamwork and tackle ambitious work projects.

An MBA typically includes courses in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, economics, management, and business ethics. An MBA provides a big-picture understanding of business. As a dentist you a seasoned professional with marketable skills already. An MBA will build on those skills and get you started in the word of business. Whether you want to work in dental sales, dental consulting, dental higher education, or selling computers; an MBA will see you apart from your competition as a dedicated profession willing to step out of the health care box. Clinical dentistry or education is usually our first choice both for personal and economic reasons, but this may not be possible. Open yourself up to new opportunities. As a disabled dentist, your ability to continue in clinical dentistry has been compromised. If you can see patients……….great! If not, look to other transitional fields. See our prior posts for great ideas. An MBA is just a start………..a good start.

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