As you transition from active dental practice due to illness, disability, retirement, or just plain exhaustion consider the multitude of employment opportunities open today just for someone who is willing to work.  There are millions of job opening nationwide ready for someone who just will show up everyday.  Many of those jobs are high paying and have significant benefits.   Employers are facing a crisis with the combination of general apathy due to societal collapse, COV-19 overload, and failed expedient social programs.

As a dentist, you have marketable skills in many areas.  Whether you financially are required to seek an income source or just need something to do…………….Consider the wide variety of options open now.  We have previously discussed education, consulting, and sales/marketing in our previous posts.  They are totally viable options and should not be overlooked.  In your search, look into the travel and transportation industry.  As a dentist, you likely have experience with commercial travel arrangements to include, airlines, hotels, and lodging.   Like when we discussed real estate as a job alternative, seek out opportunities in this area too.

Whether you work as a travel agent, travel blogger, airline reservation specialist, or sky cap……… past experiences with these individuals has some value.  Believe it or not, probably the highest paid employee at any airport is the sky cap.  Many are former airline pilots and make more at the terminal entrance than they did flying.   A cash tip job that can easily earn over 6 figures.   The other positions mentioned also often come with attractive benefits packages if you are hired by a major airline.  These customer service jobs are numerous at most airports and can lead to supervisory positions with time.  Don’t overlook TSA positions too, as they are always seeking out qualified individuals.  The average age for all these jobs has steadily increased over the past decades and an educated professional looking for a change of pace will be an attractive applicant.

The key to success in the transition process is having an open mind and being willing to relocate or adjust to a new normal.   Of course you may want to use your health care skills to a higher degree and a pursuit of a teaching position is always admirable.  This is not always possible, and retraining in affiliated fields is an option for many in the right age group.  This could entail dental specialization, law school, medical school or even nursing.  Brainstorming for employment options can drive you crazy, but approach the problem in a systematic fashion.  Focus on what works and what doesn’t work.  What can you physically/mentally do now?   See our prior post.  TEN STEPS TO SURVIVE DISABILITY for solid ideas on survival.

In any case, the airline and travel industry is an option open to you.  Consider it, check it out and take action if you are interested.  Our search for additional employment opportunities continues and retaining some sense of personal value is our focus for you …………..even if a position is more of a hobby to fill time!!!!!



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