Job Opportunities


A daily list of job openings in the USA that may interest dental professionals would be incredibly long.  Looking at our site, we do list a number of broad categories the one may explore.    We receive specific openings notifications frequently and would be glad to pass them on in future postings.

In the meantime,  note there is no substitute for hard work.  There are no shortcuts or secrete ways to bypass old-fashioned footwork.    In the electronic age, this means dedicated online review for openings in the fields you are interested in;  keeping in mind that each state has its own licensing requirements.

Word of mouth is valuable and many job openings are not advertised.  We have previously posted the importance of networking. NETWORKING FOR DENTISTS  

Using all the contacts you have developed over the years is very important now.  Getting your foot in the door by knowing the right name or department head often is the key to success.  Explore multiple fields and aways have a plan “B”.   Transitioning will be a process and needs to be taken on in a methodical manner.  Make a list.  Start with your goals and what you are able to do.    Not necessarily what you want to do.  Your physical limitations, age, health, geographic location, and financial situation will dictate what reasonably can be considered.   Being honest with yourself is the first step in your journey to recovery after an illness, injury, or disabling event.

Cursory examination of online openings in dental education, dental sales, dental consulting, dental insurance adjusting, and many other related fields is extensive.  The sheer volume of opportunities would fill many pages and is changing/up-dating daily as new ones are added and old ones filled.

We would be happy to review your personal situation either via phone, e-mail, or in-person.  We are volunteer dentists who want to help other dentists survive catastrophic illness and injury.  There is no charge or hidden agenda.  Our only reward is knowing we may have made a difference in someone’s life.    Please contact us personally.  Someone is always available 24/7.